RoBoGo is a joint project of Studio RAP and RNDR

With RoBoGo they aim to fully integrate architecture and media using the advantages that contemporary production methods bring in combination with advanced media controls.


RoBoGo received support from the RVO MIT R&D strand.
Studio RAP is an architectural design company that combines the power of computational design with innovative digital fabrication methods.

The team consists of architects, designers, roboticists, programmers and researchers. Together they explore innovative technology and try to improve the way we design, produce, manage and build architecture. Based in Rotterdam, where they surround themselves with robots in an industrial atmosphere.


Scheepsbouwweg 8 - K10
3089 JW Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)10 3076364
RNDR is internationally operating design studio for interactive media that develops ‘tools’ that are only finished by how they are used.

One of their core projects, and basis for most of their projects, is OPENRNDR, an open source framework for creative coding that simplifies writing real-time audio-visual interactive software.

Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 BP Den Haag
The Netherlands

+31(0)70 3635776
Media facades can re-energise a public space or advertise a (brand) identity.

Traditional media facades are either expensive custom solutions or modular LED screen systems that turn into an ugly, black surface during the day.

RoBoGo leaflet
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Based on the principle of cobogo blocks, RoBoGo combines the qualities of a modular system with the appearance of a fully customised solution. An expressive and diversified look that is easy to adapt to any building, showcasing modern 3D-printing technology in combination with smart LED lighting design.
Key features

Endless possibilities in shape & colour
Very customizable depending on the needs (open/closed, rounded look/squared look)

3D Printing technology
Unique panels draw image during the day, animated LEDs draw another one during the night

Design to Maintenance
Integrated solution for design, production, content, installation and maintenance
Full control
With the ROBOGO Media Control Center app you have full control over the media content of your facade. Change, create and control themes from anywhere in the world, in an instance, 24/7.

Get RoBoGo in natural, or go colourful!

The elements are made from fired clay combined with high quality LED armatures
Our integrated process takes care of design, planning, execution, integration, software, content creation and maintenance
Our elements are attractive during the day and come to live when the sun sets
Create any pattern you want
Our bespoke design and integration process can be tailored to your needs through mass-customization, while staying on budget

Use cases
Apply RoBoGo to a facade, an interior, or in the public space, with or without integrated media
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Our elements are attractive during the day and come to live when the sun sets
MMF combines the architectural function of a facade or wall with the dynamic, communicative power of media facades.

We achieve this by offering high-quality integration of media in buildings, as part of an integrated design, planning, implementation and maintenance process, while always keeping the aesthetic quality in mind.
Create endless combinations, combine elements to create patterns, letters or even pictures
The first fully customizable 3D printed media facade that even adds value to your building during the day.